MPP.R Model 3 Swan Neck GT Wing

A true carbon motorsport wing for those of you that are looking for some real downforce.  

  • High-pressure full carbon aerofoil
  • Low drag, high efficiency 
  • Swan-neck top-mount wing. With 1 degree adjustments.
  • Wing designed by renowned aerodynamicist Simon McBeath
  • MPP designed and manufactured uprights for minimum weight and maximum style
  • Upgradeable to a dual element wing for the hardcore.
  • Easy installation.


The Model 3 suffers from a great deal of rear lift, due in no small part to it’s incredible aerodynamic efficiency. At high-speed tracks this results in an unstable back-end, and the only real solution is a real wing. Lip spoilers work, but they are far less efficient than a wing. When we were running Cameron’s car at Laguna Seca, even with a very small front splitter and a massive rear spoiler with a large gurney flap, the back of the car was very loose at high speeds.

So for that reason, one of the first products to be added to our MPP.R lineup is this ultra-lightweight, REAL carbon wing. The aerofoil is designed by Simon McBeath of SM Designs, an aerodynamicist that has been writing for Racecar engineering for years and has had his hand in the aerodynamic design of some of the top racecars and Time Attack cars worldwide. Simon has spent countless hours in a real wind tunnel and has a solid practical understanding of aerodynamics – that is matching reality with computer-simulated results. CFD without validation is nothing more than fancy pictures.

The wing element itself is manufactured by DJ Racecars,  using REAL motorsport composite techniques to produce an extremely lightweight and stiff wing. DJ Engineering have supplied their wings to various companies such as Lotus, Riley Technologies, and the famous RCB Gobstopper 3, among many other cars. These wings are the real deal.

We have developed top-mount wing stands for the Model 3 that are equal parts beauty and function. The top-mount design is found on just about all wings on modern GT and formula cars, as the efficiency gain by having the active part of the wing (the underside) in clean air is of significant benefit. You can read a great article about “the rise of the swan neck” from Mulsanne’s Corner here to learn more about the difference, along with some CFD data from Simon. The uprights allow for a wide range of adjustment in 1-degree increments.

The profile selected is the SM183, a low drag, moderate downforce wing, producing anywhere from almost no drag and 100lbs of downforce to over 200lbs of downforce at only 100mph (or over 450lbs at 150mph), with only 6 horsepower worth of drag at 100mph (or roughly 13.5 horsepower worth at 150mph). The wing has a 300mm chord and small endplates to not overpower the look of the Model 3. As with an airplane, the larger the wing you can fit, the higher the aerodynamic efficiency you can achieve (hence why gliders have such long wings).

This profile suits just about everyone using the Model 3 with a standard front lip or normal splitter. However, for those that need more, we have an upgrade path. To future proof and be able to match extreme front aero, we can offer an upgrade kit that enables the use of a 120mm flap – turning the wing into a dual element monster. This then becomes the same wing that is on our hybrid 350z GT car, which produces twice the downforce at very high efficiency. This upgrade kit would require mounts directly to the chassis and is a serious upgrade – but it’s nice to know that path is there for those of you that might turn your Model 3 into a full-out racecar one day!

The wing bolts into the factory trunk using supplied hardware, but of course drilling holes are required. The wing can be removed from the mounts when not in use, and we have designed the trunk mounts to be as small as possible so that they are less noticeable when the wing is removed. The other option is that they can be used with an alternate trunk. Additional reinforcements are supplied that are bonded to the trunk to give the wing a totally rigid installation.

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